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Alec Setten

Executive Producer/Music Supervisor
Alec heads up the In the Groove East office located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

When I accepted In the Groove’s (ITG) offer to be our east coast representative it was understood I’d work remotely from home. I’d come into the city for meetings, presentations etc., and find day rates at shared co-workstation places (i.e. WeWork and the like) and utilize them in between meetings. After a couple months of trying this structure out, I got to thinking about more strategic ways to approach my work flow and how I could connect on a more to the NYC sync music scene.

Here’s how I looked at it: The post-production phase of creating television commercials, TV shows, and/or films is usually the point where decisions on music are made. What music is cutting well or placing well to picture? Do the beats and tone correspond with the cut? Is it enhancing the story? Driving it? And so on.

So if you’re a music production shop pitching music to be placed in TV commercials, it would benefit you to have a strong alliance with an editing house. Creative directors and producers spend days and nights editing and potential opportunities are literally walking through the door every day. Given the current “one-stop shopping” climate, quasi-partnerships between agencies and production houses are more strategically important. With this trend in mind I started investigating and wondered about setting up shop in a post-production facility. This would allow us to grow roots and hopefully become a serious player in NYC’s hyper-competitive sync music scene.


Good timing, good people and some good luck:

This opportunity to collaborate came to fruition the same way most partnerships do; with a little bit of luck, good timing and trusted relationships. My wife Lisa is the head of production at the ad agency Mullen Lowe. Her mentor of 25 years, Stephanie Apt, is the president of Final Cut USA, which is a top editorial facility in the US. I’ve known Stephanie and her EP Sarah Roebuck for many years. Gavin, Publishing Administrator for ITG, and I had recently done a presentation there last December. I wrote an email to the EP Sarah and asked if should could meet me for coffee one morning to discuss collaboration opportunities. In addition to paying a monthly rent I also offered my services as a general music resource for Final Cut – everything from helping with licensing issues and samples to providing artists record labels and publishers contact information. Suffice to say she loved the idea and by the end of the day we had all the approvals we needed and In the Groove East became a reality.


— Quick Facts —

The NYC space is located on W. 22nd St between 6th & 7th Ave in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. We rent the space from the film/video/commercial editing company Final Cut who occupy two floors of the building.

We share the 8th floor with Final Cut’s creative partners. These companies are an extension of FC but also work independently.

Significant Others – visual/SFX/animation
Color Collective – color grading
Machine – sound design

Minneapolis Office

625 2nd Avenue South Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN 55402



New York Office

118 W. 22nd St, 8th Fl. 
New York, NY 10011



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