Our latest project with Canteen Works brings the culinary and auditory words together ……

The recipe for this project with Canteen Works began with a relationship between ITG Advertising EP Janell Vircks and Canteen Founder Elyse Sara in 2013. Since then Elyse has been making beautiful productions and she reached out to Janell to collaborate on a recent project that would bring together the fine art of tabletop production with dynamic music- providing the setting, energy, and emotion to go with the gorgeous visuals.

In a world where the story of a meal frequently starts online before making it to the table, truly great food marketing has to showcase the sights and sounds of the recipe before a customer experiences the tastes and smells. We worked with Canteen Works to give people a taste of Carrabba’s Italian Grill with the goal of letting the consumer know the elevated experience they will be experiencing while dining. Because there would be no voice-over, the music had to provide a setting in which the visuals could shine. We found Vieni Amore Mio from the ITG Studios album, Fashion lux to be a track that fit this video perfectly.


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