Introducing the newest member of the ITG Family: Emily Bjorke!

A year into the pandemic, one finds oneself contemplating many things; work, life, relevance, more wine…? Running a successful small business adds layers of uncertainty and angst to an otherwise “normal” existence. During all of this, we’ve continued to write, record, produce, and connect with the broader world (it’s what we do!)

A few months ago our head of advertising introduced us to Emily Bjorke. Emily was a young, talented singer/songwriter just finishing her Music Business degree at Mankato State who struck me as a rare find; young, ambitious, well educated, thoughtful, articulate, and unafraid to step into the unknown. As a young, aspiring musician, she had assembled her own band, “Last Import,”and toured extensively throughout the US. Video evidence of her leading the band through raucous sets of power pop punk before standing room only crowds attests to her strong sense of self, purpose, and commitment. “These,” I thought, “are the exact attributes one needs to work in our industry.”

Emily’s initial project was fabulous – a beautiful, eclectic collection of quirky pop-tinged songs about hope and personal empowerment. Upon completion, she commented on how much she enjoyed both the process and the people involved. “If you ever have an opening in your company, I’d love to be considered.” She offered. So when the opportunity presented itself, Emily was the first (and only) candidate we thought of.

It is our great privilege and pleasure to welcome Emily Bjorke to the ITG Music family, and introduce her to our clients, cohorts, and co-conspirators.

Finding the right people is always a challenge. But when they do cross our radar, we’ve been at this long enough to know that adding them to our team makes us a stronger whole.

Now back to our regularly scheduled pandemic.

Be Well,

-Brian Reidinger

Emily Bjorke is a 22-year-old multi-genre songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. She started her first all-female rock band at age 15 and has since toured across the country playing with nationally recognized artists in the alternative music scene. Her biggest influences include Kacey Musgraves and Brian Wilson, and she recently received a bachelor’s degree in music industry studies. Emily prides herself on being a female composer and looks forward to making music that inspires others to do the same. Check out some of Emily’s work and contact us for more information on working with ITG.

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