After a year filled with uncertainty and unease, it’s promising to see the media world continuing to showcase excellent creativity. Over this epic year, In The Groove Music has been lucky to work on some amazing advertisements. We are grateful for all of the partnerships and connections we made, even through this tumultuous time. From setting the tone for a future journey with Amtrak, to providing music for a new Disney+ original movie trailer, In The Groove Music has worked with our partners in the advertising industry to tell their brand story by creating, curating, and producing music that fits a variety of projects. 

As such, we’ve put together a highlight of some of our best Ad work. Check out the exciting opener we put together and click the link below to see the how our music can create the perfect experience for your next project. 

In The Groove Music provides soundtracks for iconic brands, advertising agencies and media makers all over the world. Our capabilities include composing original score, music arrangement, customized catalogue music, and developing ideas straight from the ITG collection. From an original mnemonic to a full original orchestral score, ITG Music values collaboration with marketing professionals.

Our experienced staff is committed to creating compelling and memorable music with four full-time staff composers and a team of global freelance partners, music supervisors, and publishing professionals. We span all genres and styles in many languages and instruments to ensure your final score is the best it can be.

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