May new music release

Our May music release is officially LIVE!

On it, you will find 3 new #ITGStudios albums we can’t wait for you to hear. “It Goes Boom” is a slamming collection of fresh beats, electronic inspiration, and unexpected creations perfect for your innovative ideas. “Liberty Road” is filled with dirty and sleazy riffs, slamming beats, and totally righteous guitars that will knock anyone’s socks off. Lastly, “Reggaeton Drip” drops hot latin beats with uplifting synths perfect for a nightclub outing.

With this release, we are also welcoming three new #ITGArtists to the In The Groove Music catalog – Good Night Gold Dust, Mitchell Miller, and DPLV!

Good Night Gold Dust is an indie rock quartet with two albums on this release that are filled with driving bass lines, chiming guitars, and airy vocals.

Mitchell Miller composed an incredible orchestral album called “SOAR” that is filled with somber melodies and valiant brass, lush strings and symphonic percussion. It’s designed to bring any scene to the next emotional level.

Lastly, we’re welcoming DPLV and their debut album “Wild Dreams” which is a whirlwind of 80’s synths, bass, and haunting male vocals that drift through New Wave Indie bliss.

Check out our highlight reel that features tracks off of these albums, and listen to the albums in full by heading to the link below!

Listen HERE: https://bit.ly/2WTgo7y

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