Pressing Forward: Welcoming Arthur Casias to  ITG


Pandemics, at least the ones I’ve lived through, don’t seem like the ideal economic environments for growth. With millions unemployed, businesses shuttering, and people hoarding toilet paper (please explain THAT?), one would think hiring would come to standstill. However, after being approached by an experienced sales, marketing, and client relations expert – exactly the type of candidate we’d been drawing up on paper for the better part of a year – we decided that once again, it was time for growth at In The Groove.

Please help us welcome Arthur Casias into our ranks – husband, father, kick-boxer, a connoisseur of fine tequilas, and dreamer of fancy cars. Arthur comes to us with close to 15 years of experience in our industry after working for several well-respected and highly successful contemporaries of ours. Prior to those positions, he honed his skills working his way up the ranks at several large businesses, moving from entry-level employee to directly managing and training upwards of 100 staff. In our industry, Arthur quickly found success in sales and marketing roles and was soon leading the very departments in which he started. Arthur is skilled at developing and implementing strategic sales and marketing standards by establishing goals, strategies, and tactics to achieve them. Frankly, his resume is impressive.

A video meeting was quickly orchestrated between ourselves and Mr. Casias (We wondered, who IS this guy?). On paper, he’s a strong candidate with diverse experiences over a long work history. In person, he’s likable, easy-going, enthusiastic, and easily approachable – we knew he’d be a good fit.

So, we looked at our business and the landscape and decided that this just might be the time to hire someone. It was counterintuitive and a bit unnerving amidst the current circumstances of…well…everything. But in the end, Arthur fit the position we’d been looking to fill, the culture we’ve built, and the people we entrust with representing our company and our brand.

Please welcome Arthur Casias, the newest member of the In The Groove Music team! In these times of uncertainty, we’ve chosen to press forward, move ahead, continue to grow, and build our brand. As the world comes back online, we’ll be ready for you.

Be safe,

-Brian B. Reidinger || Partner

Minneapolis Office

625 2nd Avenue South Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN 55402



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