A Conversation with James Brown of BEATS FRESH


In The Groove Music has always been about, well, music (It’s in our name). Seeking out and partnering with the vast array of unique and talented artists from around the globe, and bringing their music to our clients, honors our mission of connecting people through sound.

One such partner we’ve recently started working with is James Brown, the founder and musician behind this incredible catalogue BEATS FRESH out of Sydney, Australia. We had the opportunity to talk more in-depth with James about his work with In The Groove, what inspires him as a musician and business owner, and the incredible contemporary catalogue that is BEATS FRESH.


ITG: You’ve worked with some big players in the production music industry for many years. What inspired you to create your own independent music label?

JB: Being on the sub-publisher side for so many years, I had always pipe dreamed about what my own label/catalogue would look and sound like.

It finally felt like the right time, so I made that leap and Beats Fresh was born!

ITG: You distinguish the Beats Fresh catalogue as a contemporary library. How do you maintain a fresh, new, original sound?

JB: Beats Fresh is 100% me – from composition, creative, art, music supervision – so when it comes to the “sound”, it reflects everything I have listened to in my life and am listening to currently.

I never hit the studio with a plan unless it is a custom composition – some days that creativity just isn’t there – other days I will finish tracks have them mixed and mastered and on the site/in the ears of clients that day.

ITG: How many different composers // engineers // artists contribute to the beats fresh catalogue?

JB: At this point as I build the catalogue and the brand, it’s all me. It means my vision is executed exactly as I see it and allows me to build strong relationships with the sub-publishers and artists. In the next 6-12 months, the plan is to start working with artists to meet the demand and build the catalogue at the pace needed.

ITG: Do you notice a difference between what American creators are making vs. Australian creators? How does that affect the way you curate the Beats Fresh catalogue?

JB: As a Kiwi (New Zealander) I see some similarities but also clear differences too – many countries look to the USA for inspiration for large ad campaigns, but I see New Zealand and Australian agencies writing their own rules in this sense.  When I’m curating the releases for the catalogue, I keep the genres “Beats Fresh” – to me this just means making great music for media regardless of how it’s going to be used.

ITG: What are some of the current trends you see in production music that you have been inspired by? Any trends you’ve tried to stay away from?

JB: I try not to be influenced by what my peers are doing, in saying that, hybrid tracks are always always gold in TV promo work and certain advertising.  I love blending styles and sounds that usually wouldn’t go together.

Stuff I stay away from would be giant trailer/orchestral style tracks – I have many peers/close friends who are masters in this realm and creating incredible stuff.

I think striving to be different or unique in some way is important in this market – there is a lot of replicated/standard sounds out there.  

ITG: Who are some of your favorite artists you are listening to right now?

JB: My appreciation of a wide range of music means my favourites can change daily!  Style-wise I am very much into 1980’s Japanese city pop right now – the production is so damn perfect and makes you escape into 80’s Japan. Saying that, you’ll also find me blasting golden era Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Indie, glossy Pop on the regular.

The best way to get to know BEATS FRESH is to listen to it. ITG team member Janell Vircks says,

Beats Fresh brings a wide variety of elegant and compelling tracks that accompany visuals perfectly with a contemporary emphasis on sounds and themes. Over 220 compositions (and counting) from Beats Fresh in our exclusive catalogue.”

Listen to some of Janell’s favorite BEATS FRESH picks at the playlist below, and contact us today for licensing opportunities of these amazing tracks.





Beats Fresh is an independent catalogue of music made for Film, TV and Content, with a strong emphasis on contemporary sounds and themes.

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