Introducing : Ring Musik 

Over the years we’ve come across opportunities to represent music from all over the world. Generally, we like to compose our own music and represent individual artists, however, a few years ago, we started hearing about a collection of music called Ring Musik out of Germany that started to pique our interest. Retro 70’s has always been important but it has seen a resurgence lately for use in both advertising and television/film. The ITG team had listened to music from this catalog and we knew that this music could add value to our offerings and be beneficial for our clients. 

60s, 70s and 80s Retro at its best 

We are now excited to officially represent the Ring Musik catalog, an authentic collection of music featuring over 3K titles written specifically for film, television, and advertising. The easiest way to understand the Ring catalog is to listen to it. What you’ll find is vintage, mostly instrumental music, recorded live to tape, that is perfect for when you need retro, quirky music for film, television, or advertising projects. These were amazing times for music composition and unique sound engineering (to see more check out this article from Pitchfork.) The value of being able to offer our clients a catalog that really captures the energy of those times and takes the listener back to the disco hall, jazz club, or concert venue makes this catalog a truly special find. All of the instrumentation is authentic and contains no samples. It was recorded in Europe during a time when the music scene was experimental and free. The Ring Musik catalog opens up options for everything from 80s sitcom to fast paced chase-scene and considerably increases our offerings for Disco, Jazz, and classical trios. 

So If you are looking for that quirky retro feel for your next project, please talk to us about what we might be able to find you. We put together a handful of tracks that showcase the feel of the catalog and will be releasing more in the months to come.  

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