ThE (Mostly) Unchanging World

Some reflections on the current world situation by Brian Reidinger 

I am home today. Like most people, I am heeding the endless warnings coming out of every media source I tap into in my life; my phone, my computer, my TV, Facebook, cable news, podcasts, and on and on. The tally of infected fellow citizens climbing faster than the stock market of a mere 6-weeks back. Subscription emails pouring in with details of ‘famous’ people who’ve tested positive, or have full-blown symptoms… YIKES! Who wouldn’t stay at home?! Oh yes, the grocery store workers who have no choice. The medical workers who are needed to treat the ill among us. Gas stations, Drug stores, Liquor stores (OK, this one is probably by choice; We humans NEED our reality distorting beverages), the police, fire departments… There is a long list of people who are out there, keeping our world functioning; unchanged.

Our company (In The Groove Music for you random web surfers) has given our entire staff the option of working from home. These people have wives and husbands and children and pets and… Our concern, as owners, was for our people’s health, well-being, safety, and sense of security. Most have opted for this, though occasionally, the notice comes through that someone has entered our facilities (“Security system #3, disarmed”); sometimes, there is simply no substitute for a well built, very quiet recording studio. 

Our resident I.T. guru, Drew Lerdal, a quiet man with a wealth of keen cultural and behavioral observations, paid early heed to the distant warning bells sounding the coming plague (so to speak). He opted to reconfigure our inner-office communications systems, thus creating the viable option OF having our staff work remotely; our work and those who do it so well; unchanged.

Back to being at home: I took my dog for our normal morning walk; the sun was out like a normal day. The snow had crusted over from the previous nights’ sub-freezing temperature. The deer had left their usual ‘calling cards’ in my yard. The birds were chirping, and a few were swirling about, overhead. In the distance, I could hear the occasional car, a plane or two passing by thousands of feet up, and a train, rolling down the tracks through Maple Plain, on its’ way to somewhere… I snapped a few photos and watched my dog do what she does every day; live her life. Amidst all of this I thought, ‘So much of what I hear/see/read tells me that the world has completely changed; chaos and fear and uncertainty rule now. And yet here, in my own life, in the world itself, much remains unchanged.’ The sun comes up. I breathe, eat, drink, sleep, and repeat. My clothes, shoes, shower, morning ritual (a cup of coffee, make breakfast, feed the animals…); none of these have changed by virtue of living in the time of COVID-19.

And so I make my breakfast and pour my (Full disclosure: 2nd cup) coffee. Instead of hopping in my dirty brown Silverado, I walk over to the dining room table, open up my computer, and begin my workday unchanged.

ITG Artists (And artists in general): In this sector of our industry, change has been, and continues to be, rampant; venues closing worldwide, tours and festivals cancelled, etc… leaving artists gig-less, income-less, and borderline hopeless. For those who make their livings via live performance, this becomes a real world ‘bottom dropping out’ scenario. Imagine losing not only your job, but an entire way of life overnight. Now what…?! While we cannot create live gigs for our artists, we CAN create opportunities; offering our studios, staff (without charge), and project opportunities to them; to finish ‘in progress’ recording projects, to capture new ideas, and as they arise, hire these talented musicians to create specific content for our catalog and client needs. Our hope is that in some small way, this helps to lessen the blunt force impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We at ITG Music, like nearly everyone, want you to be healthy and safe; freed from the shackles of fear that an overindulgence of media ‘cuisine’ might result in; your life and those of your loved ones comes first. These times ARE scary, disorienting, and jarring. The unknown, on such a scale, is rarely seen in the human experience. We simply want you to know that once you’re settled, have found your footing, and are ready to dive back in, we are here; open, fully functional, ready to assist you in telling your story; honoring our mission of connecting people through sound. 

Call or email us about your next project; we’d love to be a part of it. OR, call or email just to check in, to talk, to connect. As humans, that is our single greatest need; to connect. We recognize and value this, and that will never change,

Be safe and well.

-Brian Reidinger || In The Groove Music


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