Every year seems to be getting bigger and better for In The Groove Music, and 2019 was no exception. We took a moment to reflect on some of the stats that made it so – check it out! 


Years in Business: 24

This year we added the amazing Janell Vircks to the ITG team, and have been grateful for everything she’s already done for our business. Read more about Janell and her work.

Artist Albums Added to the Catalog: 52

Working with talented artists from around the world is one of our greatest joys and honors. This year we got to sit down with one of them to hear more about what it’s like to be an ITG Artist. Read through our sit down conversation with Mark Mallman.

New Artists Signed: 18

At ITG, we invest a lot of time carefully curating our catalog to make sure our clients have access to a wide variety of music that can enhance their spot. Adding 18 new artists to the catalog has made it easier to meet our clients needs.

ITG Studio Albums: 31

2019 was another great year of ITG Studio releases, but one we’re especially proud of is our Beyond Midnight: Part III release. Learn more about that experience.

Tracks Added to the Catalog: 2997

You read that right – nearly 3000 tracks were added to the ITG catalog this year, and that number is growing.  Stay up to date on some of our favorites by following our video page on Facebook!

Hours of Airtime: 1200+ (more than 50 days)

Can you imagine watching television for 50 straight days and only hearing music from our catalog? Yeah, neither can we, but that’s how much of our music made it to television in 2019!

Number of Countries with Placements: 30

Not only can you hear our music around the world, but we also source said music from around the world! We wrote about an exciting addition to the catalog with BEATS FRESH, an amazing catalog out of Australia.

Sub-Publishers: 14

You could not hear ITG music around the world without the help of our amazing sub-publishers we work with day in and day out. Although it’s a bit interesting navigating time zone differences, we are so grateful for all they do for our company!

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